Mike Berdis

Professional skateboarder & trainer
Mike is originally from Erie, Pennsylvania. He started skateboarding when he was five years old and has been competing since the age of seven.
At the age of nineteen Mike made the move to California to pursue his skateboarding career. Since then he has made solid connections in the skateboarding industry and filmed multiple video part’s for his sponsors.
Mike provides a professional outlook on the competition circuit, the skateboarding industry and how to grow social media profiles with crucial trick tips and pointers on how to move within the industry, what tricks to do and how to put a run together for competitions. Being a charismatic coach Mike goes out of his way making sure your child has the best equipment and knowledge to be the best person and skateboarder they can be!
Mike’s parents have been his biggest supporters since the day he stepped on a skateboard. They made sure he had fun, had an amplitude of practice and getting him to every competition possible. We are very proud an excited to have Mike Berdis as trainer for us at Shreducate!

Private lessons ($100.00)

1-on-1 Private skateboarding lessons $100 an hour. 
Available to meet at any OC skatepark or street spot

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